Car rental in Monaco. Large car fleet.

Car rent in Monaco

Monaco car rental

Rent a car in Monaco and get a real car, which was offered at the time of the reservation ( rather than a similar car ), can each person or company who want to take the car rental.

We provide for rent in Monaco exactly the particular car that we agreed with the client before the start of the lease, and not a similar car of the same class.

The company “Auto-Arenda” has in its fleet a wide range of new cars of 2020-2021: luxury, premium, sports, convertibles, minibuses, jeeps, and also offers to rent a car or a minibus with a driver, with car delivery to the client.

Choosing a car brand for rent in Monaco

If you are interested in renting a vehicle in Monaco of a certain brand, you can select the desired car brand by clicking on the logo below:

In Monaco, you can rent such classes of cars:

Car rental conditions in Monaco

To rent a car in Monaco, the client (individual or company) must adhere to the basic rules and conditions of car rental:

Booking and payment of rent a car in Monaco

Prepay to guarantee car booking

Prepayment of the cost of 1 day (car rental) is blocked on your credit card no later than 84 hours before the start of the car rental.

Payment methods reserved car

Rent a car can be paid by credit card or cash in Euro at the place of receiving the car.

Types of credit card for booking car

You can book a car only with a credit card of one payment system: VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club International or JCB.

Deposit to rent a car in Monaco

When you sign a car rental contract, the client pays a cash deposit for the car, which is the sum of the liability and deductible in case of damage or theft of the car.

Cash deposit

The cash amount of the collateral is the so-called price limit, for which you are responsible and pay at your own expense. As rule - it is at least 10% of the market value of the new car. The amount of liability (deposit) of the tenant depends on the chosen car, it is not fixed.

Deposit options

The deposit is blocked on a bank card or paid in cash.

Required documents for car rental in Monaco

  • National driver's license (filled with letters of the Latin alphabet). We recommend to do everything possible so that the driver's license (IDP, IDP) is not violated;
  • International passport;
  • State passport - country, zip code, city, street, house, apartment;
  • A document confirming the right of entry (visa, residence permit);
  • Bank card (personalized) of the international system (identity card and his / her presence to sign a lease, if different persons).

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about car hire in Monaco

If we used the car rental service in Monaco, can we go outside Germany in a rented car?

In most cases - yes, there is such an opportunity. But according to the car rental agreement, in order to use the car outside of Germany, the tenant is obliged to inform the representative of the company and clarify whether there is a ban on leaving the car in the planned country of destination.

For what minimum period can you rent a car in Monaco?

1 day or 24 hours. If the car is returned before the deadline, the amount will not be refunded for unused hours.

What is the minimum age for a driver to rent a car in Monaco?

Depending on the class of the car, the minimum age of the driver should be: in some cases not younger than 21 years, in some from 25 years.

How to cancel a car rental reservation in Monaco?

For a free cancellation of a car rental reservation, it is necessary to contact the company representatives at least 72 hours before the start of the rental.

Behavior on the road and traffic violations by rental cars in Monaco

Speed limit in Monaco and surroundings for cars:

  • in the city – 50 km/h;
  • outside the settlement – 90 km/h;
  • in the city center traffic is limited;
  • the territory of Monaco-Ville is allowed to drive into cars with local numbers or numbers of the Principality of Monaco.

The amount of fines for payment by violators of traffic rules in Monaco:

  • Driving a car without a fastened seat belt, the driver uses the phone while driving – from 90 Euro
  • Speeding in settlements – from 45 Euro
  • Parking in an unspecified place – from 11 Euro

Information about Monaco and its surroundings for motorists on a rental car

The advantages of renting a car in Monaco

Monaco is a city-state, on the south side adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, and from the land side it is surrounded by the territory of France. Monaco is located on the Cote d'Azur line of France. In Monaco, there are many museums, festivals are held. The Formula One race - the Monaco Grand Prix is held on the city circuit in Monte Carlo. Every year the city attracts tens of thousands of tourists and vacationers. To visit and see more sights of Monaco and its surroundings, it will be nice for the city’s guests to have a car or rent a vehicle.

Motorways and roads near Monaco

The European highways are suitable for Monaco. You can get to the city on the highway through the French cities of Roquebrune and La Turby.

Monaco Interchanges

Monaco passes the local road D6098 and D6007, and also adjoins the routes D51, D53, A500.


Numbers of highways near Monaco - A8.